The Sacraments are sensible and efficacious signs instituted by Jesus Christ and entrusted to His Church, by which He has promised to give us grace, the life of God in the soul, an inward and supernatural gift given to us without any merit of our own, but through His own merits, in order that we may obtain eternal life. (More here.)


Baptism is the sacrament by which we are born again to the grace of God, and become Christians. The sacrament of Baptism confers grace by which original sin and actual sins, if any, are washed away; it remits all punishment due on account of such sins; it imprints upon our souls an indelible resemblance to Jesus Christ, the character of a Christian; it makes us children of God, members of the Church, and heirs to Paradise, and enables us to receive the other sacraments. (More here.)

Holy Eucharist

The Eucharist is the sacrament in which, by a miraculous conversion, the same Jesus Christ who was born on earth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and who rose from the dead and is in heaven, is truly, really, and substantially present, under the appearances of bread and wine. It is in the Holy Eucharist that Jesus Christ is offered in sacrifice and worship to God the Father and in expiation for our sins, that Jesus Christ nourishes us with His own Body as spiritual food, that Jesus Christ unites Christians to Himself and to each other, and that Jesus Christ fulfills His promise to remain with the Church until the end of time. For these reasons, it is only in the true Church that He Himself founded, that Jesus Christ is actually present and acts directly and through His ministers, and that He is truly known and properly worshiped by Christians. (More here.)

Extreme Unction

Extreme Unction is the sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ for the spiritual as well as for the temporal comfort of the sick who are in danger of death. (More here.)


Confirmation is the sacrament that gives us the Holy Ghost and His sevenfold gifts. The sacrament of Confirmation strengthens us as Christians by confirming and perfecting in us the virtues and gifts we received in Baptism, including the indelible resemblance to Jesus Christ imprinted upon our souls. Like a soldier, a confirmed Christian is prepared to struggle heroically to attain and defend virtue and to do battle against temptation and evil. (More here.)


The sacrament of Penance, also called Confession, is the sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ to remit sins. The sacrament of Penance is necessary for salvation to all who have committed a mortal sin after Baptism. (More here.)

Holy Matrimony

Matrimony is the sacrament instituted by Christ that creates a holy and indissoluble union between a man and woman, and gives them grace to love one another with supernatural love and to bring up their children as Christians. It is only within the bonds of Matrimony that human beings can participate properly, and with the sanctity and dignity it deserves, in the act by which God creates a new soul in His image and likeness. (More here.)

Holy Orders

Holy Orders is the sacrament by which Christ and His Church transmit the supernatural power and authority to exercise the sacred duties associated with the worship of God and the salvation of souls. This sacrament permanently imprints upon the souls of those chosen to minister as successors of the Apostles and their cooperators, a unique resemblance to Christ as Sovereign and High Priest. (More here.)